Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jason Lytle Live @ Mess With Texas

Jason Lytle gave the most disappointing set of SXSW, without a doubt in my mind. What is it that caused the living legend that is Granddaddy’s frontman turned solo artists to give a bad show? It wasn’t the quality of his new songs or the sound quality from the stage. No it was the fact he arrived 20 minutes late and spent 10 minutes for the sound check, leaving his fans to only four songs. Damn SXSW and its time restrictions! However, it can be greatly said that those four songs Jason Lytle performed were on par with anything Granddaddy did on their best day. Whether it’s because he is still working with someone from Granddaddy is up for debate, but if this show should serve as a teaser for what the real tour is like, you better get your ass down to one of his shows!

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