Sunday, April 19, 2009

Record Store Day: The Day After

I experienced Record Store Day yesterday and, while feelings of happiness came out of it, feelings of a little anger ouught way it. Allow me to explain. Record Store Day came about for the sole reason of SUPPORTING INDEPENDENT RECORD STORES. So for me, arriving to my favorite store only one hour after it opened and only being able to get a few singles kinda hurt. The true anger, however, arose when I went to Ebay to try to get a Pavement/ Sonic Youth-Beck/ Thermals/ or Bruce Springsteen LP, only to see them coast $50 each. What really got me pissed was the captions saying that a needle had never touched them. That these people had got there early, stole these from fans I know who really wanted them, and making them shell out this money to them. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe this is to expected and I just really wanted that Pavement LP. But on a day like this, especially for this cause, is it truly that much to ask for the fans to get what they want? Apparently, yes.

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