Friday, February 14, 2014

Technicolor Teeth-Alone on a Cloud

Last year, Technicolor Teeth released my seventh favorite single of last year, the two song "Blood Pool b/w Drips" 7". Both songs were thick & dark blends of noisy shoegaze and lighter dream-pop, the type of things that you let yourself get lost in, letting the melodic fuzz wash over you as you flip the small piece of wax again and again.

Now, Technicolor Teeth are going on their biggest tour yet, and are bring along a show-only cassette called Can You Keep Me Out Of Hell. It compiles a lot of their previous work, their two singles, as well as various other tracks. More importantly though, besides being a good introduction for those who haven't listened to the band yet, are the new tracks the band has sprinkled into the track list. Like "Alone on a Cloud", which might be the most ethereal song Technicolor Teeth have ever made. The percussion comes from a drum machine so distant and muffled it feels like it was plucked from a dream. Ever so haunting synth lines fill in the song's core, and gorgeous but sparse warbled guitar lines come in every now and then. There is only one aspect of the song that isn't obscure and that is the vocals, which, while ever so spooky and monotonic that they slip right into the track, ring out crystal clear. They are so present it forces you to pay attention to the lyrics, a surreal exposition that captures a real sense of feeling detached. It's striking how "Alone on a Cloud" manages to be Technicolor Teeth's prettiest and possibly dreamest song to date, yet is still maintains a small tint of darkness and dread no matter how lovely it gets.


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