Monday, February 3, 2014

Fear of Men-Alta/Waterfall

Fear of Men's Early Fragments is one of the greatest modern collections of indie-pop to exist within the decade. The fact that it just so happens to be a singles collection (something that is startling on first listen because of how utterly excellent it flows) is the only thing stopping it from being hailed as the incredible album that it is. No matter, for that under appreciation will be fixed once the world hears "Alta/Waterfall" of their upcoming proper debut Loom.

After the quiet opening, built on an understated declare of longing by frontwoman Jessica Weiss, the song gives way to the song's tense but lush core. Somehow, the band has managed to expand their technical pallet even further, yet completely subtlety. The small "woosh" of the drums on the final beats, the dual harmonies that weave in and out, the synthscapes that float in the song's background before eventually over taking the song in a absolutely lovely ambient coda; all compound on one another to enhance the craftsmanship that Fear of Men place into their songs. "Alta/Waterfall" might be the band's most well crafted song to date. It's a piece of truly accomplished and sophisticated indie-pop, stretched out so new ideas and tricks can be incorporated seamlessly, yet never having a moment that feels dull or unnecessary. It's stunning, pure and simple.


Fear of Men's Website
Pre-order Loom here, from Kanine Records

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