Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The first time anyone probably heard Communions was their contribution to DOKUMENT #1, the double LP put together to capture the Copenhagen scene that the Posh Isolation crowd has helped to create. The stuck out like a sore thumb, the shine of the song in complete contrast to the much bleaker material that their friends are making. Because while Communions are, at their core, a post-punk band, unlike their peers their songs feel like the band trying, and succeeding, in shrugging off darkness that surrounds them rather than letting it engulf them. "Children", one of the best tracks off their new Cobblestones 7", feels as youthful as the name implies. Starting with the vibrant pulse of one of the best bass lines I've heard in ages, the song builds with an equally addictive guitar riff, and with a burst of high-hat the song launches off the ground and never returns. The band never for a moment tries to hide the pop hooks they are creating, and instead channeling them to make the song even more euphoric. Whatever Martin Rehof is singing feels true and earnest, even if not a single syllable of it can be made out. You can tell how long this song has been sitting inside the band members, just waiting to pour out of them. Communions have made something almost anthemic with "Children", binding hope and bits of desperation to glorious ragged post-punk; a plead for a future that might not even be there, but is truly wanted none the less.


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Buy the Cobblestones 7" here, from Posh Isolation

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