Monday, February 10, 2014

Damaged Bug-Photograph

Damaged Bug is the obvious result of John Dwyer needing a break. After about ten years fronting the manic, warped garage chaos that was Thee Oh Sees, and the even more demented Coachwhips and Pink & Brown before that, it was sad, if understandable, that Dwyer announced they were taking an indefinite hiatus.

Though if you were recording & touring nonstop for ten years, it's understandable that one would eventually need a break. And Damaged Bug seems to be the antithesis of that. It's so far removed from anything Dwyer has done before. "Photograph" is a humming, whirring piece of electronica, with nary a guitar to be found on the whole track. It's as buzzing and futuristic, like an android playing its circuitry and singing to you with its artificial voice. The song isn't completely robotic though, as it carries over the warped sensibilities that Dwyer smeared all over the last band he played in, right down to the nervous tension that cuts through the whole song. "Photograph" manages to be both paranoid and psychedelic at the same time; it balances both its human and robotic aspect very finely, which Damaged Bug feel like the a perfect extension of Dwyer twisted, but now exhausted, mind.  


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