Thursday, February 13, 2014


playlounge are a band that should have existed six years ago. They make the type of pure in the red, crank-the-stereo-to-the-loudest-volume, coated in distortion indie rock that just isn't made anymore. I mean, on their latest song "zero", they nick the opening of No Age's "Eraser", only to go into a version of "Sleeper Hold" with same perfect blur of guitar & drums as No Age did. Thankfully, "zero" feels much less like a rip-off than it does a missing/next step; the fervor that would have been the complete core of a song like this in the past is here undercut with a sense of sadness, or maybe even nostalgia, especially in the surprisingly subdued vocals. Which is all too fitting for a song that does feel removed from the year it exists in. I'm kicking myself for having not discovered playlounge sooner, considering they've existed for four years already. Thankfully though, I caught on to them right before they are about to release their very appropriately titled debut album pilot, something that, after hearing "zero", I am beyond excited for. Indie rock this great is few and far between.


playlounge's Facebook
Pre-order pilot here, from Dog Knights Productions

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