Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amen Dunes-Lonely Richard

"Lonely Richard" has nostalgic twang to it. Which isn't that surprising; Amen Dunes (the solo work of Damon McMahon) has been crafting psych-folk songs with a distance and otherness to them for a while now (see his last album, the under appreciated Through Donkey Jaw). Here, though, the emotional essences that he has buried in them shines a little brighter. Gone is the heavy and hazy coat of reverb, replaced now with clear, drawl tinted vocals and lyrics that feel like they're trying to capture a memory and look to the future at the same time. They are greatly enhanced by the track's arrangement, a country bar band guitar and drum beat layered with violin that is constantly warped as to sound like it is turning itself inside out. "Lonely Richard" feels like an otherwordly folk song, a song patched together by wanting to have the best soundtrack to both your campfire and the sun going out at the same time.


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