Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video: COLOURS-Without a Way

Wow. COLOURS have ever so slowly been building as one of my favorite shoegaze bands, and their new song and video "Without a Way" just firmly cement it. Like with his song "In the Summer", COLOURS has moved his styling more from traditional shoegaze more of a droney, dragging style that really emephesise the emptyness and pain in the songs. This is amplified with "Without a Way, as the sharp guitar riffs just fall on you again and again like ocean waves, while the industrial drum work just makes the song even more forbbiding. Not to mention the found fotage for the video, which just envoke pure pain and loss. It's almost heartbreaking to listen to, and hits you right in your gut. It's as painful as it is strangely beautiful.


COLOURS' Facebook
Get the track here, from Beko 100 

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