Monday, April 16, 2012

The Memories-Softly

Big props to Underwater peoples on another excellent find. I know nothing about The Memories besides the fact that they are from Portland and that "Softly" is an expertly crafted ear worm. Sparse yet pitch perfect janglely indie rock that's subtly deeper via the lyrics then what the surface value gives away (I mean, when was the last time a band use the word 'meandering' in one of their songs?). If this was 30 years older it would have been on a 200 press 7", triggering the deepest lust in vinyl junkies and being the sweet spot of any quality D.I.Y. compilation. Instead, it looks to be the sweet spot for a perfect summer time LP.

(mp3) The Memories-Softly


Pre-order the s/t LP here, from Underwater Peoples

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