Friday, April 20, 2012

Echo Lake-Even the Blind

Echo Lake are not nearly as prolific as I would like them to be, so it's wonderful to not only hear "Even the Blind" (more that song in a second), but also that it is a part of their soon to be debut LP Wild Peace. Woo. And to make the news even better, they go and release "Even the Blind" as well, which might be their very best song yet. I think Echo Lake have finally perfected their sound, the cross between the haze and etherealness of their debut EP and the more polished sound that showed up on their later work. That's not to say that their earlier work was bad, that's not true in the slightest. How "Even the Blind" differs is there seems to be a confidence in the sound, in the way it can evolve. The way the song morphs from the quiet, subdued intro of then shift into the powerful center with the snap of excellent drum work and the forceful yet elegant vocals of lead singer Linda Jarvis. It reminds me partly of Lower Dens' "Brains", if Lower Dens tried to create shoegaze rather than the atmospheric tension filled pop they make now. With "Even the Blind", Echo Lake have secured the spot for my most anticipated album of the summer.

(mp3) Echo Lake-Even the Blind


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