Monday, April 9, 2012

Wax Idols-Schadenfreude

After releasing one of the most under appreciated releases of last year, their debut No Future, there was a much too long quiet period from Wax Idols. Thankfully, Heather Fedewa/Fortune and co. have returned, and with "Schadenfreude" (German for masochism), the band step away from their UK '77 sound and into American post-punk influence, fusing the new song with tons of wonderful Wipers influence. The result is the evilest sounding hook filled song you will probably ever hear, darker and angrier than what the band has ever done before, but still just as additively punky that the wax won't be leaving anyone's turntable anytime soon.

(mp3) Wax Idols-Schadenfreude


Wax Idols' Tumblr
Pre-order Schadenfreude 7" here, from Suicide Squeeze Records

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