Friday, April 8, 2011

Times New Viking-Ever Falling In Love

The talk of the town for a very long time has been that Times New Viking are going to be releasing their new album Dancer Equired later this month on no less than Merge Records. Normally, this would get me in a euphoric glee due to how much I adore this band, despite the blogosphere's removal of love for shit-fi. However the news of the album came with an mp3 titled "No Room to Live", a song that not only completely stripped the band of any of their lo-fi productions (gasp!), but transformed the band into a mellow, jangly indie-pop band. Gone was the cathartsis of pure noise and understated melody that made Times New Viking's music so captivating in the first place, and in their place was another low key indie band. Needless to say I was devastated, and almost lost hope in the album and the band. Thankfully, when "Ever Falling in Love" came out I decided to give the band another chance, and lull and behold, the band demonstrates how their new found production values can actually work for them, and produce something that is both an advancement of their sound while still sounding close to what I fell in love with in the first place.

Note that the song "Fuck Her Tears" can also be heard in the Soundcloud widget above. Please listen to because not only is it possibly my favorite titled song ever, it is also the top contender for my favorite song off the new album as well. Truly, that song is two minutes of pure speaker damaging/rattling bliss.


Time New Viking's Website
Pre-Order Dance Equired here, from Merge Records 

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