Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guilty Ghosts-Tinted Windows

A long time ago, I discovered the music of Guilty Ghosts. It was this wonderfully expanding and flowing music, obviously based upon ambient music of yore, it also nicely balanced new elements as well. With mechanized drum beats, and fine tuned guitar riffs, the music was perfectly built around the lines of atmosphere, ambiene, and instrumental. It was wonderful, yet for whatever reason, I never got around to digging the rest of Guilty Ghost's discography. Fast foward to now, and sitting in my inbox is an email from Tristan, the man behind Guilty Ghosts with both news of an upcoming new album called VEILS and a song off it called "Tinted Windows". Expanding his sound in the only logical way, "Tinted Windows" brings in vocals to the mix, and along with it a lot heavier emphesis of the R&B influence that lingered on his other songs (though that just might be due to guest work by Guerre). Strangly comparing "Tinted Windows" to the work of other R&B-esque bands doesn't exactly work because while that dreamy, soul element is there, it sounds nothing like jj or How to Dress Well. The echos of tension and guitar lines are what seperate it.


Guilty Ghosts' Website

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  1. hi david! just wanted to give you a heads up that the first proper guilty ghosts full length dropped digitally yesterday and is available streaming and pay-what-you-like download at http://guiltyghosts.bandcamp.com/

    i'll be putting out a limited tape edition in december on my label (http://wordsplusdrea.ms) and there are CD and LP editions anticipated for 2012.

    if you're digging this sound i think you're gonna love the LP — highly recommended!