Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fucked Up: The Other Shoe

The ever prolific Fucked Up have finally released the details of their upcoming third album David Comes to Life. The long time in the works rock opera is finally set to come out on June 7, and the band is doing a spree of releases to go along with it. The first is "The Other Shoe" an incredibly contrasting song, layering lead singer Pink Eye's evil growl of a vocal delivery coupled with incredibly apathetic lyrics, against soaring guitar lines and angelic female vocals. Yes, there have been about zero incidents where having "punk" and "rock opera" in the same description of anything turns out to be good, and that "The Other Shoe" probably forever removes Fucked Up from the hardcore roots they came from. However, if their is any band that can possibly pull of a project as ambitious as this one, it's Fucked Up. Please remember that this is the same band that is putting out 12" that corresponds with every year of the Zodiac, and all their members are in some form of a side project. Oh and the band plans to release three more songs in the lead up the albums release as well.

(mp3) Fucked Up-The Other Shoe

Speaking of ambitious Fucked Up projects, the band is releasing a special 12" compilation for Record Store Day. The compilation is actually a collection of the bands that band believes would exist within the story on David Comes to Life, so the band, along with a bunch of guest artists, record a bunch of different songs within a bunch of different musical genres. As insane as this sounds, they actually manage to pull it off, case in point with the '77 era style song "Do You Feed" by the "band" Animal Man, which wouldn't have been out of place on the Sex Pistol's album. As stated before, the David's Bands comp. will only be available on Record Store Day, so start getting in line.

(mp3) Animal Man-Do You Feed?


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