Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Super Wild Horses, Album Coming, Release One of the Greatest Songs of the Year

Why is it that everything that reaches us from the Australian shores manages to be so, so incredible? Case in point, the two ladies of Super Wild Horses, who have been buzzing out of my computer for the past few weeks unbelievably great post punk tunes. It seems other people have taken noticed because the always reliable HoZac Records will be bringing their debut LP Fifteen to our shores August 24. I expect a mountain of Vivian Girls comparisons to pop up all over the place because the songs are fuzzy, simple, and the band has two girls in it. However, that is doing the Super Wild Horses an insane injustice, because this band is everything the Vivian Girls which they could be, and they do it all without a bassist. You don’t have to look any further than the track “Golden Town” and what they manage to pull off in less than three minutes. It’s post-punky but still jangles. It has a pop tart to it, but it’s still completely a garage song. Most importantly, it makes the distortion and fuzzy natural and part of the song, instead of using it as a crutch. I haven’t been this excited for a debut in a while, so be prepared for this to blow everyone away.

(mp3) Super Wild Horses-Golden Town


Super Wild Horses on Myspace

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