Friday, August 27, 2010

Cassette Review: Dead Gaze/Gray Things Split

The one man band. For years, limited to only certain genres or by what they could do by what they could do by themselves. Now, they have mastered 4-track studios and live band members and can do so much more. Case in point, two rising lo-fi bands doing a spit on a resurrected format.

Dead Gaze is one that has been every indie rocker's musical taste buds for the past few months and for good reason. One listen to "This Big World" or epic "Remember What Brought Us Here" transports to a world of what Superchunk would have sounded like if they had done a mountain of more acid. Simple three cord indie rock that is so much more then it actually is. What his explicity lays out thought is that Dead Gaze really isn't just a lo-fi rocker, but a lo-fi artist. For the other half of the tracks are dives into spacy, psych tinged almost ambience songs. And while every element of the indie universe says this shouldn't work, it does. Dead Gaze gets both the Pavement and Ariel Pink sides of lo-fi together to not only collaborate, but jam together.

The perfect complement to Dead Gaze comes in the form of the under appreciated Gray Things. Much like Dead Gaze, Gray Things is another genre musher. However, Gray Things has more of a consistency through his music. Take one part guitar fuzz, one part old synthesizers and Moog Noises, and hazy, muffled voice and you've got a Gray Things song. Needless to say, this leads to insane rad songs. It's hypnotic and trance inducing in some parts, bouncy and energetic the next moment. These songs fall so much into the categories of what is loved in the drone and experimental side of indie, I'm surprised this isn't on the front page of Altered Zones. For anyone who is a fan of one these bands, prepare to fall in love with the other too.


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