Monday, August 16, 2010

Cassette Review: Pet Milk-Demo

Ladies and gentlemen, please met this year's Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Truly, it's a real wonder as to why Slumberland hasn't signed this band yet. OK, technically they have, because this is the side project of a member of Brown Recluse, but really Pet Milk need to start putting out some records ASAP. Tunes these great don't deserve to be limited to just a Bandcamp page or a soon to be very hard to find to find cassette demo.

The hyperbole comparison to the Pains of Being Pure at Heart was only a mild overstatement. It's impossible to miss the similarities to POPPAH, with these six perfectly indie/fuzzy pop tunes following the same Sarah Records/C86/My Bloody Valentine worship that POPPAH did. However, their debut from last year, this is in no way a bad thing. "Cherry Outline" is a perfect guitar pop song, tart with its fuzz but ever so sweet with the 30 different hooks thrown in as well. Else where tunes of loss capsuled in a post shoegaze song ("Pictures of You"), and new love in simple indie jangle ("Permanent Vacation") abound. It's neat how the female singer of the band Adriane takes over for the other 3 songs (including a excellent cover of My Bloody Valentine's "Paint A Rainbow", back when that band was more twee then shoegaze masters), adding another layer to the songs and the band as well. The last song "Always Knew It Coudn't Stay" is the closest to mind blowing though, and might match the greatness of their "Cherry Outline". A mixture of Pavement's "Major League" vocal delivery and the repetitive rhythmic beat and melody of that Manatee single from earlier this year, it is a near flawless slice from the indie pop cake.

This can be bought as either a 4 dollar cassette from the band, or free from their Bandcamp page. It does exactly what a demo should do, showcase a band with mountains of potential. Plus the artwork is just great.

Update: The self made demo cassettes the band made actually had to be scraped when a defect was discovered with them. An official released will be done by local Philadelphia label Peasant Magik and is expected in a month.

(mp3) Pet Milk-Cherry Outline


Pet Milk on Bandcamp

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