Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guilty Ghosts-Top Prize Fighter

This is a track that totally caught me off guard. Everything about "Top Prize Fighter", and Guilty Ghosts for that matter, should have had me running to the hills. It's a one man cassette project combining elements of ambient and guitar looping to create sweeping, long drawn out songs. On top of it all, there are no vocals to be seen. Yet, for whatever reason, "Top Prize Fighter" complete me has it under its magnetic power. It reminds a bit of what Ducktails is doing, avoiding the chillwave tag that so much instrumental falls under these days, and instead creates stellar guitar driven instrumental tracks with ambient edges to them. Guilty Ghosts manage do the same thing, but with more of a glitchy ting to them, rather than the psychedelia that Ducktails tends to favor. "Top Prize Fighter" is off a 5 song cassette Enigma Variations from Words+Dreams, and is limited to 50 copies. If you can't manage to grab it in time, Guilty Ghosts is also offering a hand made CD of different music for nearly the same cost.

(mp3) Guilty Ghosts-Top Prize Fighter


Guilty Ghosts Website
Buy Enigma Variations here, from Words+Dreams

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