Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Age Drops "Glitter" 7" Tracks

As my lo-fi love is getting bigger and bigger these days, it's no surprise that I love No Age. So the the news that No Age would be releasing Everything In Between later this year was cause for joy in my house. Even bigger was the news today, with No Age dropping two new tracks for listening pleasure. "Glitter", the A-side to both the 7" and 12" they plan to release on August 24, is a slower jam for the band, more in the vein of what they were doing on the Losing Feeling EP from last year, though with with a nice feedback squeal thrown in to add a quintessential No Age feel to the song. The streamable "Inflorescence", the B-Side to the 7", is a nice speedier jam, more akin to Eraser songs in style and play. The main point though is that both are excellent new jams from No Age and great signs for things to come when Everything in Between is released in September.

(mp3) No Age-Glitter


No Age on Myspace
Pre-order both the 7" and 12" here, from Sub Pop

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