Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Watery Pop of Swimsuit

Swimsuit is a brand new indie "super group" of sorts, in the way any indie band can really be considered a super group. Made up of members of City Center, Tyvek, and Secret Twins, Swimsuit has been at it for less than a year, but have managed to make quite a lot, quite good and sweet indie pop tunes since starting. They put out a 5 song cassette demo on Fred of City Center's label Life Like, which not only managed to sell out in a month, but is a great mixture of quirky and upbeat lo-fi indie tunes as well as longer, surfier instrumentals. Songs like "Evaporation" and "Sunlight" really shine as Heavenly meets a speedier Beat Happening. The band also just sold out out of a brand new, all instrumental 10 track cassette Peace Gull when they did their mini East Coast tour earlier this year. And while both cassette are sold out, the first one can be download for free here. Also, Peace Gull should become available to the web very soon as well, so expect to enjoy that as well.

(mp3) Swimsuit-Evaporation


Swimsuit on Myspace

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