Sunday, June 27, 2010

Palm Yard Make Nice Fuzz

Palm Yard is a great shitgaze (read: not lo-fi) band out of Santa Cruz. A while back they put out a cool 11 song demo/cassette/album called Craft Night for 1019 Records. All the tracks are giant fuzzy rackets, played on the world's worst instruments, all done on the first take, and done so that you have to stick your head next to the speaker if you want to make out the vocals. They are most akin to Times New Viking, but only if you removed their pop sensibilities. Loud, scuzzy and a very cool release. You can grab a physical demo from the band and label, or download the whole thing from their Bandcamp page.

(mp3) Palm Yard-Green 18
(mp3) Palm Yard-Purple Haze


Palm Yard on Myspace
Palm Yard on Bandcamp
Buy Craft Night here, at 1019 Records

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