Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Magic Kids Announce Memphis+New Song

I was stoked beyond belief when I came across this news. Magic Kids have announced their debut album, titled Memphis of course, which will be out on True Panther Sounds on August 24. Along with the release info, there was also the cover art, track list, and the release of the new song “Summer”. A bit more restrained than what we usually hear from Magic Kids, it’s still a wonderfully gooey ball of a perfect pop song, and the purest example of a song for the season. If this doesn't get you to go see them on their upcoming summer tour with not only Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti but Puro Instinct (formally Pearl Harbour) too, please have the portion of your brain that experiences beauty examined ASAP.

(mp3) Magic Kids-Summer (via Pitchfork)


01 Phone Song
02 Candy
03 Superball
04 Hideout
05 Summer
06 Hey Boy
07 Good to Be
08 Skateland
09 Sailing
10 Radio
11 Cry With Me Baby


Magic Kids on Myspace
Pre-order Memphis here, at True Panther Sound

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