Monday, June 7, 2010

Album Review: Ty Segall-Melted

What’s up with everyone growing up over at Goner Records? For those who don’t know, Melted is Ty Segall’s 3rd LP in three years, on top of the multiple singles he has released, full scale tours he’s mounted, and about 5 (no joke) other bands he either is playing or recording with. Still, despite all that output, this album will likely come as a bit of a shock for people expecting the same regular great garage rock from Ty Segall instead of something a little bit different from him.

The results of this LP are direct results of his last effort, Reverse Shark Attack. Reverse Shark Attack was an psych-tinged and reverb soaked mess of a record that Ty did with Mikal Cronin (of Charlie & the Moonhearts fame). So it should be no surprise that the creative process and influence of that album would come into play with Melted, in various forms. For instance, this is Segall’s most hi-fi release to date, letting us here every single one of his yelps and screams, though losing some of that much loved scrappiness of his. Also, a more varied instrumentation comes into play as well, like in psych guitar that makes of the core of the loud and great “My Sunshine”. An acoustic number “Caesar” is also placed in the album, but thankfully isn’t placed at the end of the album and even with its Kink’s vibe and keyboard riff at the end of it, it’s theses things that give it appeal and don’t make it stand out like a sour thumb. Of course, it’s not like Ty Segall has completely jumped shark from his sound. “Girlfriend”, “Sad Fuzz”, and “Mrs.” all have that blown out, garage sound that made everyone fall in love with Ty Segall in the first place. In fact newer styles actually work for Segall, like “Imaginary Person” which goes from acoustic intro to lost Jay Reatard song is an absolute standout. Just don’t be surprised by something like closer “Alone” guitar solo and slow pace, because in actuality it is a stellar slab of post-Pavement garage rock.

The whole album is a beautiful chunk of fuzzed out California shit rock from the mind of Ty Segall. After being slightly let down by Lemons, it was nice to hear not a return to form, but him being able to balance his garage sound with new elements. It may not be perfect, but that has never stopped Ty Segall before.

(mp3) Ty Segall-Caesar
(mp3) Ty Segall-My Sunshine


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