Monday, June 7, 2010

Bands To Care About: Dead Gaze

I live in the South. Always have, and for some reason I have the sneaking suspicion that I stay here for quite some time. I bring this up because except for a few select areas, it in large part lacks any creativitiy or uniqueness to it, especially in music. Which is why I was so happy to stumble upon the music of Dead Gaze, the one man project of R. Cole Furlow who happens to making his music straight out of all places Mississippi.

The only possible way to describe the music of Dead Gaze is eclectic. He first started recorded the project in late 2008/early 2009 and introduced the world to his music through his The Pride of Calling Panther Lake LP which he released for free onto the webs. It was a strange and wonderful mix of glo-fi influenced but not glo-fi itself airy pop tunes cupeled with for straight ahead rock tunes which sounded like Ty Segall fronting the Apples in Stereo with the Flaming Lips producing. Suffice to say it was great. He then released the End of Days, Why Not You cassette earlier this year on the increasingly great Mirror Universe Tapes, an outstanding collection pulled from a bunch of his previous digital only release.

His next project is another tape, this time a split with Grey Things on the UK label Clan Destine Records. Some tracks from the cassette have already been out floating around the web and they are some of the most incredibly catchy of the year. I can only hope that you do the same and listen to the glory of something like "Remember What Brought Us Here", so you too are drawn into the incredible, fuzzed out and colorful world of Dead Gaze.

(mp3) Dead Gaze-I’m A Mess When Your Gone
(mp3) Dead Gaze-This Big World
(m4a) Dead Gaze-Remember What Brought Us Here


Dead Gaze On Myspace
Buy End of Days, Why Not You here, from Mirror Universe Records

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