Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WHY? @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009

The final band I was able to take photos of before having to protect my camera from the pouring rain, it was also one of those discoveries that everybody seems to make at festivals. Yes, I know WHY? has been around for a long time, been critically acclaimed, and Eskimo Snow is suppose to be one of their best album to date, but for whatever reason I have never listened to Wolf's music. That all came to a crashing halt when I saw him on stage. What was I more impressed by: how the band managed to pull of a great blend of indie rock, folk, and hip-hop style vocals, how great the songs were, or how rad Wolf's dance moves were? I couldn't name the songs if I wanted to, but every song was quarky without being geeky, and the entire show Wolf had an air of cool surronding him, even when he did dance moves that if anyone one else tried to do, would easily make them a laughing stock. He (and the rest of the band) was that good.

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