Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fucked Up @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009

It is nearly impossible to put a Fucked Up show into words due to the simply insane physicality of it. Just two days after performing Chemistry of Common Lives live, Fucked Up brought all the spare energy from that in spades for this show. Like any good punk show it was pure octane from beginning to end, so much so that the photo pit had to be closed for the photographers’ safety! This was largely due to all the stage diving, crowd surfing, and mosh pit/circle pit fusion that took place at the front of the stage (which was similar to experiencing human pinball). The band played great choice cuts from Chemistry like “Son the Father” and “No Epiphany”, especially brought to life not only by the groups tight playing, but singer Pink Eye’s interaction with the crowd, i.e., being in the crowd shirtless and letting the fans sing/scream into the microphone. The back catalog tracks was where the fun began though. There is nothing like 1,000 people all yelling “Crusades” or going nuts when the band launched into “Police”. A bit of a hard call, but I think it was the best set of the Fest.

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