Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cassette Review: Little Fyodor-Peace is Boring

You think you know a record label. You get all their releases and follow them closely thing you can count on them for dependable indie pop releases. Then they release something like this: 15 tracks of pure garage influenced weirdness (not avant gradeness) by 4 nut jobs who aren't afraid to let their madness shine. Sweet indie pop this is not.

Little Fyodor is apparently a bit of a musical legend in Denver, Colorado that despite this being his first official album in 15 year, has released multiple CD-Rs and various other musical releases over the years. That doesn't help to understand the sound of the album, which can be described in just one word: Spastic. The album opens with a semi Joni Mitchell cover titled "Death Sides Now" with brand new, eerie lyrics. "Everybody's Sick" is a free jazz drum track with no sensical lyrics. The title track is the rant of crazy man set to off tune guitars and bad effects. "Silly Noise" is just that and "Fuck-a-duck-a-luck-a-luck-a-ding-dong" is just that line repeated over and over with a little bass and drums. And don't get me started on Little Fyodor 's sense of oddball humor or the ban's female singer Babushka, who sounds like the most nasiled grandmother ever.

However if you mange to see past all this weirdness (or perhaps figure out how to embrace it), there are some good tunes to be found. "Death Wish" has a nice little punk edge and the cover of Lee Hazlewood's "The Natural Progression of Life" is a brief moment of blues induced clarity. "The God Gripe Song" is actually pretty funny and "Cursing (Bummer Scene) is a nice catchy song without any randomness to bog it down. Still, definitely listen to some the other music by the band before considering this.


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