Thursday, December 10, 2009

Julian Koster Caroling Dates Confirmed, Going on Right Now

Sorry for the delay in this information, but the 2009 Music Tapes Caroling Tour is going on right now! The dates are confirmed and he is traveling from town to town as I type. To see this magical event in your town contact the " Music Caroling Ambassador" at Please note that the "Music Caroling Ambassador" has been know to take a while to reply, so please be patient. Anyone who is attending this feel free to send photos and videos to me, for they will not be coming my way. *Tear*.

Remaining Caroling Dates:  

12/10 - Toledo, OH (early) / Cleveland, OH
12/11 - Buffalo, NY (early) / Geneseo, NY
12/12 - Ithaca, NY (early) / Monterrey, MA / Easthampton & Northampton, MA (late-night)
12/13 - Boston, MA (and area)
12/14 - Providence, RI (and area)
12/15 - Riverside, CT / Purchase, NY / Marlboro, NY
12/16 - New York City, NY
12/17 - New York City, NY (and area)
12/18 - Manalapan, NJ (early) / Philadelphia, PA
12/19 - Baltimore, MD (early) / Washington, DC
12/20 - Eagle Rock, VA (early) / Lynchburg, VA
12/21 - Chapel Hill, NC / Raleigh, NC
12/22 - Athens, GA

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