Thursday, November 12, 2009

Times New Viking @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009

I love Times New Vikinkg. Their no-fi, shitgaze coated pop songs are premiere indie rock for me, and I do think Born Again Revisited is their best album to date. That being said, there was uneasiness to their set. Not to say it was bad. The sound was just as bad live as on record (which is a good thing), and they were masters of their instruments in the crappy, we-have-no-idea-what-we-are-doing way they play. Plus there were drummer/singer Adam Elliott’s odd and funny dedications for practically every song (at one time claiming that Henry Rollins owed him child support money). Not to mention they played about 18 songs in their 35 minute set. Still you could not escape the unconscious feeling of how bored the band was playing. The rate they blasted through the songs felt more due to the band wanting to get the show done as fast as possible, not just because they play like that. The lack of communication with audience also didn’t help. It was a good set, but the band could have done something to add little joy to their set.

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