Monday, November 2, 2009

7 Inch Review: Ganglians-Blood on the Sand/Make it Up

After being blown away by their set at Emo's, I knew I could not leave without getting something from the Ganglians. With their album and EP being out of my price rang, I settled for their brand new 7 inch. Honestly, it might have been the best thing on that merch table.

Both tracks are true showcases of the way the band can make a pop song both weird and catchy at the same time. A side "Blood on the Sand" sounds like a Beach boys single played at 78. With a thumping bass line and the off tuned and distorted guitar line, all interweaved by the singers David Bryne style harmonies. As great as that rack is though, B side "Make it Up" is even better. Starting off as a little surf ditty with "oohs" to boot, one build up later it becomes a darker 70's style surf pop meets stoner rife fusion. It feels like it will come apart at any point, but it doesn't and that's what makes it so stellar about it. Another score for the band
and Capture Tracks.

Ganglians Myspace
Buy the single here at Captured Tracks Website

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