Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Age @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009

At this point, it would be slightly pointless, to try to say something new about a No Age show. So I'll just say what more than likely everyone has said since No Age started preforming: Holy crap, those guys were good! But that's to be expected. In the 4 years that No Age have been doing this, the band have perfected the art of duo, putting up a show comparable to the White Stripes. Seeing the band perform "You're a Target" was one of the best moments of fest, period. Dean Allen Spunt drumming was so ferocious that eventually his limbs blurred into almost unseeable masses of light. They of course played all the must haves of any No Age show. "Teen Creeps", "Losing Feelings"  and "Eraser all preformed to huge fan fare, so much so that a circle pit opened up within 10 minutes of the set and did not let up until the show was over. And who doesn't love a good circle pit, especially at an indie rock show where almost everyone is woefully unprepared for it.   


Loving No Age Fans

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