Saturday, November 28, 2009

Death @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2009

The question on everyone’s mind before the set was if the members of Death (who had just reunited this year) would be able to recreate the songs on their debut album ...For the Whole World to See, despite not having played them in 35 years. While it didn’t start of good with a 20 minute soundcheck, but from the opening notes that echoed into the crowd, any fears were instantly shattered into a million pieces. Entering in Sunn O))) style robes, the trio launched directly into “Keep on Knocking” and it was clear they hadn’t lost a beat. Bobby Hackney’s bass was as tight as ever and he preformed and sang with the energy of a 30 year old. The same goes for Dannis Hackney’s drumming, which was particularly incredible the whole set through, but blew a few minds for his solo on “Let the World Turn”. Bobbie Duncan, despite being the “newbie” and the guitarist for their reggae band Lambsbread, was able to bring to life every note from the album with passion, personality, and only one pedal to boot. The band was extremely tight, ripped, and every other adjective used to describe really great punk shows, even managing to have great light show as well. It was a fitting to tribute to the bands original guitarist and Bobby and Dannis’ brother David Hackney, who the band dedicated the entire set to. Nothing was more fitting for a band that took 35 years to be recognized to be playing their only festival show here.Punk dreams do come true and Fun Fun Fun Fest helps every step of the way.

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