Friday, November 27, 2009

Cassette Review: Robert Church and the Holy Community-Los Tres De Canarias

The cover art for this new 8-song cassette is an out of focus picture of what looks like an eight-year-old’s drawing of two bunnies holding hands, while two animal looking creatures dance in the back round. And in some sense that is the best description of how Los Tres De Canarias sounds. Sweet, innocent sounding pop songs with simple lyrics that still manage to capture an essence of youth most bands work their whole career for. For those who don’t know, Robert Church and the Holy Community are a Swedish pop band who since 2006 have been churning one stellar pop release after another, with this tape being no exception. Coming from the increasingly great people at Fox Pop, this collection of lo-fi pop songs is the thing cotton candy dreams are made of. Few bands can manage to use both a drum machine and vintage 80s sounding synth like on the stand out “1/10" and make it so catchy. The tracks are also more guitar based then previous which is a good thing, especially on songs like “Come with Me” the most rocking track with its sad little lyrics and incredibly hooky guitar. Their earlier style shines through on tracks like “Skinny Rabbit” and “The US of A” cute little songs with slightly dark centers, the formula of any good pop songs. Closing instrumental title track is a wonderful touch, with bleak horns and a drifting piano line. While not a masterpiece, it will be one of those releases that someone will find in 10 years and release how great pop music is right now. In the mean time, go get this great little pop album.

(mp3) Robert Church and the Holy Community-1/10


Robert Church and the Holy Community Website
Buy the cassette from Fox Pop Recording Co. Here


  1. I love when I click on my reader and there is a new post from's so refreshing to get a perspective on new music that isn't from new york...never even heard of this one...and it's now been added to my most recent mix. thanks!

  2. Why thank you, it's no problem at all. It's what I do.

  3. glad you digged the magic kids! I think I'm still stuck on "Hey Boy", but damn....when they release an LP it might be the catchiest thing any of us have ever heard!

    I'll be listening to the track above first thing on monday! Cheers,