Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Flaming Lips and Erykah Badu-Now I Understand

Chaotic. If there could be one word to describe The Flaming Lips output over the past year, in either solo gummy form or collaboration form, chaotic is the optimal word to describe it all. This is a band that released a song called "I Want to Get High, But I Don't Want Brain Damage", and that only manged to be about the 6th craziest thing they did that year. So it comes as a big of a surprise when the first musical offering of 2012, after releasing a 24 hour song, after playing a two night extravaganza with the Plastic Ono Band, is something as pretty as "Now I Understand". A deep haunting piano drives the track as iPhone's Siri and Erykah Badu trade of questions and answers for the universe. It truly feels like floating in space while listening to this song. Let it into your brain and watch as it expands your soul ever so slightly.


The Flaming Lips' Website
Erykah Badu's Website

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