Thursday, January 26, 2012

Andrew Bird-Eyeoneye

Andrew Bird makes his best material when he's angry. Not when he's being whimsical or sweet, when he's flat out pissed and wry. Case in point with "Fake Palindromes", possibly Bird's best song ever, the one where he substitutes whistling solos for detailed revenge fantasies and monster metaphors. Which is what makes "Eyeoneye" such a great song. The wobbling, discordant violin lines that open the the song are just some of the best of Bird's career, effected to hypnotic proportions, as a tale is cast of someone Bird knows being and acting like an ass. Since the majority of Andrew Bird's singles have been relatively subdued (to properly showcase the accordingly low key albums), it's nice to see Bird come out of the gates with what's his equivalence of a sonic boom. Break It Yourself looks like it might be the Andre Bird record I've been waiting for for the past five years.  


Andrew Bird's Website (where you can get the super deluxe version of Break It Yourself)
Pre-order Break It Yourself here, from Mom + Pop Records

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