Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lower Dens-Brains

I didn't really understand Lower Dens when they started releasing music. It was very similar to my first experience with The xx, a band so restraint with their style of music that I felt I was missing something, a part of the song hadn't downloaded completely. Thankfully, like with The xx, and a Record Store Day 7", I finally warmed up to the Lower Dens just in time for the next album. "Brains" is the mindfuckingly great first single from it, with the band's ever present Velvet Underground sound/coolness as the songs base as electronics work through out the song, eventually bubbling to the surface as the song expands and expands in a very minimalist way. Almost as if Beck's "Gamma Ray" was fed codeine, pumped through an electronic organ that morphed into a dream-pop song, and huskier Kim Gordon sang the vocals. Yeah, it's that good.

(mp3) Lower Dens-Brains


Lower Dens' Website
Pre-order the band's second album, Nootropics, here from Ribbon Music

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