Monday, January 16, 2012

Internet Forever Releasing Their Debut Album

Internet Forever are back! Those are words I thought I would never get to type, mainly due to the attention removing ability of the internet, and the fact that Internet Forever hadn't made a musical peep in close to a year. However, that changed as Internet Forever announced their debut album, to come out on February 17. The band also dropped a video for their newly recorded album version of "Break Bones". The band has really morphed much the same way Trailer Trash Tracys did when they disappeared and reappeared; the music had become coated in a shell of studio production with the drums blasting through speakers crisp clear guitar work, but still has a wonderful indie pop nugget center. Also, be prepared to be lost in the deeply trippy day-glo infused Mexican art video.
The entire album is not jsut hyper polished material from the band's singles, thankfully. "Center of the Universe" I think typifies what to expect from Internet Forever's debut. Explosive drums combined with a swirling cocktail of shimmering guitar and everywhere-at-once synth stacked upon singer Alex's sugar sweet vocals. It's overproduced indie pop to be sure, but the best kind of overproduced indie pop.


Internet Forever's Website
Pre-order the album here, from the band

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