Wednesday, July 8, 2009

News: Times New Viking Have a New Album, Los Campesinos! are Daytrotting, and Beck Has Way Too Much TIme On His Hands

Uber-lo-fi band Times New Viking has finished their 4th album right behind all our backs. The album is called Born Again Revisited and will be released on Matador Records September 22. The album is said to have "25 % higher fidelity", the oddest statement this band could make because a) everybody loves their shit-fidelity and b) the masters were turned in on VHS tapes (yes those things still apperently exist). The first single called "No Times No Hope" can be heard here.

Los Campesinos! are busy with just about everything. Having just finished their 3rd album, the band manged to step away from their blog for a few minutes to recorded a great session for Daytrotter. Check out here. Also while on the subject of Los Campesinos!, Garath has convinced his friend Charlotte (yes of "We are Beautiful, We are Doomed" fame) to post a great cover of "Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time". It can be downloaded here and the blog post explaining it can be read here. (Thanks to The Great Pumpkin for the tip)

Beck, between covering the Velvet Underground and DJing, has decided to do random interviews as well. The first is with Tom Waits and no, I will not repost it due to sheer size. It can be view here however. Stay tuned when Beck will announce plans for a zine with drawings by Jason Lytle (Kidding... I hope).

Finally two pieces of small, but great, news. Matador has released the second single to Jay Reatard's upcoming album Watch Me Fall. It is called "Wounded" it sounds as twee as a Jay Reatard song could be and can be heard here. And finally Burger Records has confirmed the re-release date of Nobunny's Raw Romance. It is July 18 so mark your calendar.

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