Friday, July 17, 2009

Album Review: Titus Andronicus-The Innocents Abroad Live In London 2/23/09

The problem with calling Titus Andronicus a live band is that it does deep discredit to their studio album. Phish are a live band because no studio album they have come out with does justice to their live shows (at least that is what I’m told). Titus Andronicus aren’t because their album The Airing of Girvences kicks major ass. Still, a Titus Andronicus show is a sight to be hold and this LP tries to capture lighting in a bottle.

This LP does capture many of the highlights a TA show. Patrick Stickles banter with the audience is intact and pretty good and the standard covers of a TA show are included. In fact, probably the biggest highlight of the album is their cover of The Modern Lovers "Roadrunner". That track alone is worth the purchase of this album. The other tracks preformed are the some of the better from the their debut, but the real moments of interest are the performance of tracks "Every Time I See the Light, Part II" and "Titus Andronicus Forever". While released in various formats over this year, it’s nice to have the material in a concrete format like this. While there is nothing especially new here, any fan of the band (like me) will really enjoy LP with all of its touches like the letter sent in each copy or the hand stamped album art. Only 300 copies are being made by Rough Trade, so if you want one, hurry!

Rough Trade Shop to Get the Titus Andronicus LP

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