Friday, July 17, 2009

Backpack/Watercolor Paintings/Sundance Kids/iji Live @ Danclvania 7/4/09

Nothing like talking about a show 13 days after it happened. This show was my first house show and as such, possibly my most awkward time at a concert, mainly because it felt like I had crashed a secret show. Thankfully those feeling eroded fast and what was left was the experience of seeing four bands with about 30 people. I feel sorry for anyone who choose to see fireworks over these guys.

Due to schedule conflict (i.e. the show starting an hour earlier then planned) I missed the first set by John Clackley. I was able to get their on time to catch Backpack. Knowing nothing about them (besides that they were playing) and having never heard one of their songs, it was still an enjoyable set. Two guys, one girl, two guitars, one bass, all three in dress. A drop overly cute, but still good music and cuteness was the secret theme of the night.

The next band was Watercolor Paintings. Siblings Rebecca and Josh Redmen made up the band and I don’t think there is a better band name for them. With Josh on ukulele and Rebecca plucking the harp and singing the music was very simple but extremely well crafted. The songs were lovely songs about love about just about everything and nothing; the greatest of combinations. The innocentness and tweeness of Washington is alive and living in Seattle.

The next band, Sundance Kids, helped us from dying from a sugar rush. Originally planned to preform after John Clackley, they arrived two sets late to start the rock portion of the set. It was defiantly worth the wait. While they are pretty much your standard three-piece indie-pop band, people who play with this much energy can’t be ignored. Whether it being the fact that they finally got the crowd moving or the antics they pulled-namely jumping on the couch and getting into the crowd-Sundance Kids put on a great show.

Then came the main event of the night. The amps were set, the seven band members came out, and iji blew the house down! Ok not really but it was still an awesome set. Times like this it’s hard to tell whether the band was incredibly tight-nit or if it was just pure sloppy pop. Never really the point with iji, the band soldiered on, giving the best performance of the night. They played from their In Celebration and 7 in split with Watercolor Paintings, which thankfully sounded just as good live as it did in studio. (Un?)Luckily the band didn’t take the show serious, even preforming three different incarnations of "Peanut Butter Astral Projection" and part of "Average Homeboy" (yes THAT average homeboy). Yes, it was goofy, silly, and one of the band members was wearing a cap with a bear in it, but it was still better than fireworks in every situation.


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