Thursday, July 16, 2009

Album and 7in. Review: iji & Watercolor Paintings-s/t 7in. and iji-In Celebration

The concept behind the single was a simple. The tow bands were going on tour so why not give them something to showcase them. It’s six minutes for e each band; all original songs, all great. The Watercolor Paintings side is a tight fit with four songs on it. While short, nothing feels thrown together or put on just because it was lying around. Each track really complements each other even in the short time they have together. The same tone can not be applied to the iji side. Not to say the iji side is bad, but that they just let loose and had some fun. Look no further than "Peanut Butter Astral Projection" a 20 second song that takes its lyrical sense from a GBV song. Luckily, the other two songs are pure pop genuis. If there is any complaint about the 7 in. It’s the lack of speration grooves between iji tracks on the iji side. But thats is a small complaint for a great 7 in.

The same praise can also be heaped on iji’s In Celebration. The sixth release in three years by iji, it could possibly be his most cohesive to date. Backed by a full six-piece band (a step up from his regular one-man band recording), each track is full of gooey pop goodness. Tracks like "Open Curtains" or "Blanket Visions" really showcase the band, saxophone and maracas in all. "Long Branches and Roots" is a sweet love song, but don’t let that fool you. This is really six friends making music together and goofing off at the same time. Kickoff track "Kick Drum" asks whether the thumping on the track is a kick drum or a heart, but not caring either way. The band members scream out in delight (I hope!) At the end of "Giant Bite" and one song is called "4 counts after the end of the world" for crying out loud. Yes the tracks are a little simple, but when your making pop this good , that’s not the point. Too many people will miss out on this record due to its self-released nature, but it is still something you should definitely look for (mainly here.)

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