Tuesday, July 14, 2009

News: New Mission of Burma Album Coming Your Way and The Dodos Are Letting You Hear Their New Album

Officially back on computers (at least for a week) and once again a day late on news, Mission of Burma are releasing a new album. Titled The Sound The Speed The Light and is due out on October 6. A concept behind the record (though it is not a concept record, go figure) is 4 sections of the album with 3 songs in each section, each exploring a different mood. As an added bonus, the wonderful people at Matador have released the first single to the album. Called 1, 2, 3, Partyy! it could be the funest song the band has ever done and obviously comes from the "Happy" Section.

At least posted on the day it happened, the new album by The Dodos has leaked. This is not lost on anybody especially The Dodos so instead of turning to Web Sheriff, they decided to do the right thing and pull a Wilco AKA letting you stream the entire album. Right now. At timetodie.net. For those who still care about the physicall release (i.e. me and 5 other people) the album is due out in the states September 15.

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