Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Warpaint-Love is to Die

Four years is a long time between records. Attention spans, whether I want to admit or not, seem to be shrinking ever more with each passing day. The band creating something new and exciting right now can, and have, been forgotten by the next month. At the same time though, Warpaint seem to have a tendency to be removed from all that. This is a band who took six years to release their proper debut album. More so, this tendency appears in the music itself. It's slow, delicate, and tense at the same time; interlocking and unfolding like a very deadly flower. And "Love is to Die" feel a lot like that, taking its time over its near five minutes to bring in various new elements that weave in and out of the song seamlessly. Yet, where as on The Fool everything had a machine like precision to it, "Love is to Die" could almost be called disjointed. Drum beats speed up and shift, time signatures switch on and off, and vocal harmonies, previously perfectly in sync, now have an almost ghostly quality to them as they appear and disappear into thin air. "Love is to Die" is just haunting, and possibly more so than the band had revealed in their music before.


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