Tuesday, October 22, 2013


"Us" doesn't deserve to be this good. The first song ever by Cardiff's LUVV, who also just played their first show about a week ago, few bands sound this put together with their first track. But "Us" is just excellent, noisy and angular indie-rock, though smeared with a heavy dose of post-punk soul that stops it from being a '90s throwback and instead feel modern as hell. The track is actually is sluggish, always feeling two steps off and ever so off-kilter, yet the band manages to make its four minutes blast through, keeping you on your toes for the bursts of out of tune guitar noise before falling into soft, chiming rings and haphazard reflections on feeling screwed up. It's the type of brash guitar rock made by a bunch of kids that is done well enough to worm itself into my ears for days to come.  


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