Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Espectrostatic-Consulting The Necronauts

Alex Cuervo is the frontman of The Hex Dispensers, a band that has been making quality Misfit's influenced garage-rock for years. And while the darker, more gothic elements of their music were always present (especially if you ever read the lyrics), it would appear to the casual listener that the band was built on creating really catchy rockers. However, that darker undercoating is important to Cuervo something he wanted to dive into deeper; and so unbeknownst to anyone (or at least me), Cuervo was crafting something more sinister under the name Espectrostatic. The project is a one man synth project, an ode/throw back to the sweeping, '80s horror movie soundtracks of yore. "Consulting the Necronauts" has a brightness to it, capturing that moment in a sci-fi movie when the astronaut first opens the hatch door, and steps out into space, seeing everything around him. Though as the title suggests, there is something evil waiting just around the corner. It's such a radical departure for anything Cuervo has done before, but here he makes it seem like he's been doing it for his whole life.  


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