Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Video: Butter the Children-Spit it Out

Butter the Children demo EP from last year was one of my absolute favorite releases: a twisted concoction of shoegaze and indie rock, with a damaged & dark art rock influence lurking underneath. And wonderfully, there hasn't been a wait to hear more material from them; they'll be releasing their first "proper" EP True Crime in August. "Slip it Out", the EP/7" A-side is an ever so more refined take on their demo's sound, mostly likely from being able to enter a proper studio. The slight haze has been lifted, and what's left is a razor sharp track. The guitar is both sprawling and dagger like in its riffs, the drum work nice yet manic, and Inna Mkrtycheva vocals are even more powerful then they were before, always catchy and sweet, yet at the same time having a knowing malice to them that amplifies "Spit it Out"'s still dark energy. The video helps to convey all this even more, a stylistic throw back to the bleaker days of New York City, and all the depravity and creation that the city helped to create. "Spit it Out" an absolutely monster of a song, managing to squeeze so much energy and damaged life into its two and half minutes that I can hardly believe the track doesn't collapse. "Spit it Out" is just flat-out glorious, noisy indie rock of the tallest order.


Butter the Children's Facebook
Pre-order the True Crime EP here, from Downtown Records

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