Friday, August 9, 2013

Black Hearted Brother-(I Don't Mean to) Wonder

"(I Don't Mean to) Wonder" is the type of song dreams are made from. Well, specifically my dreams. Because "(I Don't Mean to) Wonder" is perfect, PERFECT, noisy, shoegaze-y, guitar rock. I mean that with no hyperbole (or as much removed as I thin is possible). What Black Hearted Brother have created with this song is just heaven, a wash of ever flowing distortion that instantly engulfs the listener, always buzzing but never harsh, before pulling back completely to the allow the vocals to float in from space, echoed to near incomprehensible levels, but never the less gorgeous in their own right. And they just sit there, as the guitars coming roaring back to life, even more powerful and twisted and stunning before. And then the song pulls back again, just ever so, before one big, final, head swelling burst of cavernous, blitzkrieging shoegaze. It is an absolutely stunning piece of guitar rock, something truly made by masters of the craft, so greatly designed there is not a single wasted element or flaw. "(I Don't Mean to) Wonder" is the type of song that lifts you off the ground & launches you into space, without making you ever want to turn your head back.


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