Sunday, August 11, 2013

Big Ups-Goes Black

Being able to turn dark musings, on trying to escape from the dread that life is slipping you by and you will die without accomplishing anything, into a blistering post-hardcore sing/shout along is a feat in and of itself. To make it so that the song is not only absolutely great, but that none of its emotional core is lost at any point is something else entirely. And that' what Big Ups' "Goes Black" is. Over extremely proper spoken word-esque verses, frontman Joe Galarraga expounds on a lingering, inescapable sense that something is deeply wrong with the way he is living his life. Then the tension mounts, and it all bursts apart, the emotional weight becoming too great during the chorus as Galarraga screams "What happens when it all goes black/And I'm lying there dying/Trying to think back". Everything about "Goes Black" has the gist of appearing simple, from the lyrical delivery, to the instrumentation, a toeing the line mix of hardcore & post-hardcore that at times sounds like a reduced METZ. However, it's that simplicity that allows "Goes Black" to be so great, to perfectly delivery every aspect of the angst and anger contained within the song. No frills, no extras, just disillusioned reflections one's as soundtracked by post-hardcore fury.


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