Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Hoax have been making scummy, vile, and excellent hardcore seven inches for a while now, each more brutal then the last. Now after three years, Hoax is going to release their debut self-titled, and going by the first two songs they've released from it, it's going to be absolutely brutal. While "Anesthetize" is absolutely crushing in terms of psychotic existentialism, "Hide" is the true beast. Delivering the lyrics from a throat so shredded that they sound monstrous, the song feels like two minutes from the worst horror movie transformed into a song. "Hide" chases after you, screaming with its vocals and noisy, scummy guitars, bass, and drums the need to escape. But you can't, and the band catches up to you with one brisk breakdown and delivers one last cruel taunt before ending. "Hide" is the most evil hardcore songs I've heard in a while, and one of the best as well.


Hoax's Website
Buy the self-titled album soon from the band

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